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about a district Kam'yanets-Podilskiy of the Hmelnitskiy region

Translated by students of Kyiv avia institute

A district Kam'yanets-Podilsky is formed in 1923 and had the name Dovgotsky at first, and from in 1928 it names to Kam'yanets-Podilsky, from in 1939 again it is renamed in Dovgotsky, and it is adopted from July, 10 in 1944 - Cam'yanets podilsky.

A district is placed in south-west part of the Hmelnitscoi region, one of most districts of region and Ukraine. From north part abuts upon Chemerovetsk, by the Dounaevetsk districts, from east - with the Novooushitscim district of the Hmelnitskiy region, from a south - Celmenetsky, by the Hotinskiy districts of the Chernivetsky region, from the western by a -Borivsky district Ternopilsky region. By the state on January, 1 in 2000 his territory makes a 1,54 thousand of sq. km, area, 153815,5 hectares, in that number of agricultural lands - 10069,3 ga, forests and forestations - 24604,7 ga. A water fund occupies 6750 ga. In a district a 121 village and one settlement of city type Old Oushitsya is counted, 42 rural that one settlement advice. Distance from the administrative center of district to the city of Hmelnitsky makes a 102 km. From a north a motorway (M-20) Gitomir passes to the south of district - Terebleche through Hmelnitsciy on Bucharest that railway Hmelnitskiy - Chernivtsi. By geomorphologic terms the territory of district Kam'yanets-Podilskiy is part of the Volino-podilskiy plateau of South-west, Naddnistryansky his part and is the terrace region of Dnestr and its influxes - Oushitsya, Stoudenitsya, Ternava, Moucsha, Smotrich, Gvanchic, Zbrouch.

Volino-podilsk plateau is characterized to those, which in forming of its relief take part geological to the regeneration of preqarternary period that erosive activity of rivers of the Dnestr system. A plateau makes the most promoted part of territory of Ukraine. In separate places it rises to 350-400 to m above a sea level.

Relief of district Kam'yanets-Podilsk is very difficult. South part of district is characterized as most cut by river m valleys, deep beams and ravines. Here the exposed strong processes of water erosion of soils, as a result labored mechanized their till.

Central part of district is less dismembered by the hydrographical net of erosive origin on comparison with pridnistryansky part. Rivers which flow in this part are characterized by steep enough slopes 40-50°. On slopes there is the developed erosion of soils, and also well-educated ravines and beams. North-eastern part of district is characterized by tovtrov relief Tovtri (Medobori) - billows and humps are built by lime stones which formed of deposits of tortoises of molyosca-vermetousa and limestone water-plants. Present by itself Tovtri separate raising - humps or whole ridges, that sharply plateaux come forward above a flat surface. They are very steep (s. Verbca), or overpeer as naked rocks (s. Kitaygorod).

In south-west part of Pridnistrov'ya, in the places of distribution of gypsies, enough large precipices of carst and caves appeared. One of them is opened in 1968 at development of gypsum near s. Zavallya and is adopted by "Atlantida". Length of the inspected part contains 2800 meters. A cave is horizontal, has four floors which ten halls were disposed on. Motions go at a different level in a twenty meter layer.

The minerals of district Kam'yanets-Podilsk are characterized by non-metallic minerals, above all things natural build materials. In it both the crystalline breeds of shield and sedimentary deposits are instrumental. A district is deprived metallic mineral resources.

Western to the district there are a few deposits of gypsum (Coudrinetsce is developed). Gypsum suitable for land-reclamation of soils, build, medical and other necessities. From other non-metal minerals in a district there are the beds of dolomites, to Tripoli, small displays of fluorites, fosforites (the industrial value is not had).

Lime stones are widespread on all territory of district. Have the large value the outputs of Silurian lime stones in the valleys of Dnestr, Zbroucha, Gvanchica, Smotricha, Ternavi, Stoudenitsy (booty is conducted near Cam'yantsya-podilscogo, villages Large Suburb, Oustya and others) and powerful deposits of neogene lime stones of the Tovtrov ridge (most careers near villages Nigin, Verbca, Privorottya,

Gouments). They are applied for burning of lime, production to the macadam, facing tiles, wall blocks, cement out (on the base of Goumenetscogo of noble birth works powerful cement factory Kamyanets-Podilsky).

A lot of deposits of forests, forest-like loams and clays which the row of brickworks works on the base. In particular, production of limestone to the stone by the Niginscim quarry made a 132.5 thousand of tons in 1999, flours of limestone 0, 9 th tons, to the macadam of building 356 th tons. By an industrial enterprise ATVT "Podilsky Tovtry" it is produced in the last year of an 11, 95 th. Tons of lime of building, to the macadam of building a 22 thousand of tons, it is obtained 103 th tons carbonate breeds. For production of cement the VCP "Podilskiy clinker" produced a clinker in 1998 in a volume 91, 7 th tons, in 1999 the given production is halted.

By a collective enterprise "Dream" a 829 thousand of things of conditional brick is produced.

From in 1929 by the Coudrinetsky gypsies workshop the development of mountain mass is conducted, the average annual volumes of booty made the thousand of tons to 170, for a 1998 year - 21 th tons, for a 1999 year - 12 th tons. For saving and recreation of separate types of plants and animals, guards of natural complexes, the objects of the natural-protected fund are created. Among them there are artificial created landscapes - Carmelyucova Mountain, Knyazhpilsky, Panivetska Dacha, botanical Artificial created lands Heron geological sight of nature "Atlantida". In a district 63 historical-architectural sights of the National natural park "Podilsky Tovtry" are counted, among them Palats of a 15-17 cent. (s. Gvanets), Palats of a 16-18 item (s. Rihta), and rocky monastery of a 14 item (s. Bacota), Palats of a 15-16 item (s. Panivtsi), dvorets 18-19 item (s. Panivtsi) and others.

Territory of the Kamyanets-Podilskyi district is washed from south and south-west part of Dnestr, from western part of Zbrouch, from east - Oushitsa. A number of rivers and brooks flow through territory of district. Oushitsya, Stoudenitsa, Ternava, Mouksha, Smotrich, Zhvanchik, Kizya. The all adopted rivers flow from the south-west to the south and southeast and have transversal valleys in relation to the Tovtry's ridge. From all influxes of Dnestr Smotrich flows in the deepest canyon, especially in Kam'yanets-Podilsky where she by the loop almost locked a circle which surrounds old part of city.

The modern soils cover of district was formed under act of tovtry soils breeds, relief, climate, vegetable cover and economic activity man. A most area is occupied by forest-steppes opidzoleic soils, which connect such kinds: clear-grey and grey forest, dark-grey and black earths of opidzoleic soils cover of district friendly to growing of agricultural cultures of forest-steppe area. Considerable harm of fertility of soils is inflicted by water and wind erosion.

Vegetation is presented over 1500 by the types of higher spore and seminal plants that belong to 100 families and 500 births. Among them forest and steppe kinds is most numeral. Greater part of wood lots is occupied by leafy forests - hornbeam-oak and oak. The coniferous are occupied close by third of forest covered area; there are the also mixed (oak-pine) forests.

Steppe vegetation was saved on the slopes of the Tovtry ridge and on removing of lime stones a layer by a layer in the valleys of Dnestr. She is presented by the grassy group mends (a feather-grass is hairy; a sedge is low and etc.).

An animal kingdom is presented by forest and steppe kinds. Here consort 311 types of vertebral. The representatives of animal kingdom of steppe are enough widespread - hares, lizards, polecats, ermines, ground squirrels, mice, hedgehogs and others.

The fauna of the Tovtry ridge is specific. Here a lot of types of reptiles (lizards, veretinnits, grass-snakes, steppe viper) of frogs, birds (starlings, kestrels, jackdaws, hoopoes, little owls, toy pistols, thrushes). In reservoirs the pikes, European carps, pike perches, breams, sheat-fishes, perches, are led, stellate sturgeon and others.

By the state on January, 1 in 2000 the great number of population of district makes 78961 persons, also urban population - 2913.

On national composition in a district live in basic Ukrainian - 77167 (96,5%), among other nationalities there are Russians, Byelorussians, Poland, Jewries and others, only 1794 persons, or 3,5 percents. History of establishment of district takes beginning since acceptance of Decision VU TSVC from in 7.03.1923, accordingly which is formed the Dovzhotsky district, where by an administrative center a village Dovzhok is definite. Accordingly order of Kam'yanetsk circuitous executive committee from in 20.05.1923 on territory of district was formed 15 village soviets.

By the decision of Presidium VU TSVC from 4.12.1928 the Zhvanetsky district is liquidated, his territory is added to the Dovgotsk district in composition 16 village soviets.

In a December in 1928 the administrative center of the Dovzhotscogo district is carried in Kam'yanets-Podilsky and he names to Kam'yanets-Podilsk (Decision of Presidium VOu TSVC from 4.12.1928 p.). Accordingly Decisions of Presidium VU TSVC from 1934 a district Kam'yanets-Podilsky and district establishments is liquidated. Territory of district and district establishments is inferior to city advice Kam'yanets-Podilsky. In 1939 from territory Kam'yanets-Podilsky city advice a rural area is selected and the Dovzhotsky district is picked up thread with a center in s.

Dovzhok (Decree of Presidium of Supreme Soviet of UKRAINE from 28.06.1939 p.). By the decision of Hmelnitsky oblviconcom from July, 10 in 1944 the administrative center of the Dovzhotsky district is carried in Kam'yanets-Podilsky, and a district in the second times names Kam'yanets-Podilsk.

By the decree of Presidium of Supreme Soviet of UKRAINE from September, 23 1959 Orininsky is liquidated, the Starooushitsky districts, and their territories are passed in the complement of district Kam'yanets-Podilsky.

On territory of district operates 16 industrial and communal enterprises, 60 agricultural, 52 farmers, 92 small enterprises, 894 businessmen.

For a 1999 year by the industrial enterprises of district a 598,9 thousand of hryvnyas is produced to the products in comparative prices on 01.01.1999 to the amount of a 109 million, that on 26,6 % anymore in comparison to the last year. VAT is basic industrial enterprises "Podilsky cement", VAT "Adams", state enterprise "Hmelnitscspirt".

In particular, cement factory, nowadays the AT "Podilsky cement", building was conducted from in 1966, the first technological line by power of a 600 th tons cement. Building of enterprise was completed with starting of sixth technological line general project power more than 3 mln.700 is the thousand of tons of cement. By the basic users of cement of e Vinnitsa, Hmelnitsky, Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporizhsca, Odessa and other regions of Ukraine. From him are built: Kiev GES, Chornobilsca AES the second turn of DniproGES, blast-furnace № 9 and the state 3600 in Krivoy Rog, Zaporizha that South-Ukrainian AES and a lot of other objects of the industrial, agricultural and social setting. On production and sale at the market of cement

VAT "Podilskyi cement" takes second seat among factories on Ukraine. The given enterprise enters in the complement of business concern "Oucrtsement". Presently on an enterprise the thousand of working works about 1.5. Over 6 thousand of shareholders are the proprietors of property of enterprise.

The collective of factory works above mastering of markets, supplies with a cement and clinker to Poland, Hungary, Ireland.

Podilskiy cement is famous by the quality. His products attested on the European, Polish, Ukrainian standards of quality. Among large industrial enterprises, that are engaged in processing of agricultural product there is VAT "Adams", which is created on the base of cannery Kam'yanets-Podilsky on September, 10 in 1994. Project power of enterprise of 80 million conditional jars in a year.

An enterprise specializes on made:

- can foods fruit and vegetable, and fruit juices

- varnishing and lithography of tin;

- making of tin container for can foods;

- the mechanized collection of green to the pea

- transport services.

The produced products answer world standards, quality. By the decision of association of business initiatives for high quality of the made products at the plant, to the president VAT "Adams" A. Yahievou in Madrid is twice handed Gold Star of quality.

The agricultural enterprises of the Hmelnitsk region are the basic suppliers of raw material for production of can foods.

A labor collective put right business copulas with the countries of fellow creature foreign, and also with Germany, the USA, Great Britain, Austria, Canada.

One of the oldest industrial enterprises of district is the Dovzhotsky alcoholic factory (presently regional state union of alcoholic industry "Hmelnitscspirt", director Lavrov Alexander Ivan it is built in 1896 on facilities of duchess Hilcov). Power made 120 buckets of alcohol of raw for days. A corn was basic raw material. An oil chart and factory was afterwards inculcated began to work on two types of raw material with productivity 1000 deciliters of alcohol on a day. In 1996 gasification of enterprise, that gave possibility to put right the issue of certificated ethyl alcohol is conducted yeasts a baker's.

In 1999 the issue of a new type of products of height octane oxygen contained addition is mastered to the petrol's (VID).

Power of enterprise - it is the annual issue a 852.5 thousand of deciliters of high-quality ethyl alcohol, 2600 tons of bread made yeasts, 963 t liquid carbonic acid, 1500 tons of height octane liquid addition to the petrol (VID).

In the agrarian sector of district operates 60 agricultural enterprises of all forms of own, among them: the limited company the liability - 11 (18,3 %); agricultural cooperative stores - 33 (55,0 %), agro firm private peasant-farmer and other enterprises - 13 (21,6 %) state farms - 2, the ouchgosp Podilsky state agrarian-technical academy - 1.

For a 1999 year by the enterprises of agrarian to the sector it is produced agricultural product in comparative prices (in

1996) on a lump sum 33,19 mln.grn., in products plant-grower - a 25,05 million (66,4 %), stock-raising - a 11,06 million (33.3 %). Corn and corn cultures were reared on a fruit 31716 ga, from every hectare of sowing ts is got on 30,3 corns. The greatest harvests of corn are attained in the agricultural cooperative store named by Shevchenko of s. Hodorovts (53,7 ts) in the agricultural limited company the liability the "Dream" of s. Falcon (48,3 ts), to the peasant union "Independence" of s. Gvanets (47,3 ts) from every hectare of sowing.

Sowing of sugar beets in a district occupied an area 4716 ga. The high harvests of sugar beets are got in agricultural society "Dream" of s. Falcon (339 ts), to the peasant union "Independence" of s. Gvanets (298 ts), cooperative store named by Shevchenko of s. Hodorovts (275 ts) from a hectare and others.

The farmers of district are engaged in growing of sunflowers, vegetables, and fruits. Realization of sunflowers in 1999 was multiplied on 2,8 %, vegetables, fruits - accordingly on 11,4 %, 18 % in comparison to in 1998. On the whole on a district during the last year the salt by economic enterprises, on all channels of realization, corns are sold 37071 t, sugar beets - 74185 t, potato - 186 t, fruits - 465 t, seed of sunflowers - 1594 t.

In a district there is the developed such important industry of rural production, how the stock-raising is, in particular cattle breeding, pig breeding, poultry farming. By agrarian enterprises it is produced for a 1999 year 28567 th meat, 142940

th milk, a 15345 thousand of things of eggs. During the last year the productivity of cows rose on 275 kg and makes 221 1 kg of milk from a cow the Greatest milk yields from a cow got in societies "spark" of s. Voices (4717 kg), "Dream" s Falcon (4700 kg).Fertilisation of chickens was multiplied on 9 % and makes 243 things of eggs.

On comparison with 1998 realization of milk was multiplied on 115 tons (2 %), meat on a 491 ton (8 %), eggs on a 279 thousand of things (18 %).

In a district it is not one of the best agricultural enterprises the limited "Dream" of S Company the liability. Falcon, "Spark" of s. Voices, agricultural cooperative stores "Sunset" of s. Podilske, "Independence" of s. Zhvanets, inamed by Shevchenko of s. Hodorov private enterprise "Communard" of s. Citaygorod and others (Crotic S.M., Gritsyoc G.P., Volsky O.Y., Shevchouc I.V., Savchouc V.Y., Fed )V.L.. Among the specialized agricultural enterprises on production of eggs there is the closed joint-stock company Agrofirma "Avis", director Weaver Anatoliy Procopovich - worker of agriculture of Ukraine. On the given enterprise a 100 thousand of sapling of chickens is annually reared, production of eggs makes a 15 million of things, meat -1000 th. Products, that cleaning is produced on the given enterprise environmentally, answer the international standards of quality, has Ukrainian "Sign of trust of mother and child". The given enterprise specializes on production of food egg, to processing meat production of can foods and egg powder. On the given enterprise there is the entered without wasted technology, to that end a factory "Ecogran", which makes the granular organic mineral fertilizers, is built for facilities of enterprises.

Agro firm "Avis" carries out elucidative, eleemosynary activity. In particular, a zoo in a town Kam'yanets-Podilsky is facilities of agro firms, child's sport school, a newspaper "Avis" is given out.

For high indexes in agricultural production, selfless labor the awarded ranks of Hero of Socialistic Labor chairman of collective farm "Communist" of s. Nigin -Pidgorodetsky Mousiy Veremiyovich, milkmaid of collective farm of named by Calinina s. An ore is Latyoc Maria Andrey, awarded brigadier of collective farm "Ukraine" of s. Oustya is Cozyarsciy Vladimir Vasiliy, aparatchic sugar-house Sivyolov Joseph Timofiyovich, and lancoviy of collective farm "Communist" of s. Nigin Prussian Vasiliy Mihaylovich became the complete escort of orders of Labor Glory.

Over 1000 workers of different industries of economic complex of district the recipient of an award by governmental rewards, in particular by Orders of Lenin - 26, Labor Red Flag - 224, October revolution - 40, Friendship of peoples - 116,Znac Respect - 234 Labor Glory of the I-Sh degrees - 145, by medals - 345.

The powerful net of objects of the social culture setting operates in a district. In particular, on territory of district 144 establishments of education are counted, in One Zincovetske proftehinstitute of regional submission (operates with 1980), 88 general schools, in 18 - the I-III degrees (Which one school-boarding-school of the I-III degrees of regional submission operates from; 33 general schools of the I-II degrees, from them 3 schools-gardens, 26 schools And degree, one auxiliary school-boarding-school of regional submission and also 55 preschool establishments.

22 Teachers and masters of the production teaching, 1150 teachers, and 167 educators work in establishments of education. 9156 students study at school, in rural professional technical school - 174 students. From September, 1 in 1999 on the base of the Dovzhotsky ZOSh I-III degrees first in a district collegiums is opened.

Medical help to the population are given by 100 medical establishments (central district hospital, Starooushitsk and Oryninsk hospitals containing a number, and Zhvanetsk district hospital, Oryninsation hospital, 5 medical out-patient's clinics 90 points medical assistants and feldsher-acousherich).

149 Doctors, 468 middle medical workers, work in a district.

On the given time 496 beds function in medical establishments, that makes 63 beds on a 10 thousand of population.

In a district operates 112 houses of culture and clubs, 85 libraries, 4 child's musical schools, 4 folk museums, 12 public museums. 216 Coultosvitnih specialists and 50 teachers of musical schools work in establishments of culture and art. On the base of cultural establishments it is formed and operates 624 collectives of artistic independent action, 197 galleries, vocal and dancing groups, 88 brass bands and orchestral groups. A municipal orchestra, international diplomat, works in a district. To the Allukrainian review of folk creation over 11000 persons are overcame, habitants of villages of district.

One child-youth sporting school operates in a district, where 7 specialists work and studies 583 youths and girlies, in four sporting sections study to such types of sport, how a dike is on kayaks and canoes, heavy athletics, soccer, handball.

With the purpose of revival of national culture, spirituality, glorious traditions, saving of memory of lost in the years of World War, education of rising generation in the houses of culture of villages Nigin, Chabanivka, Demshin, Vitkivtsi is operated by the museums of history of villages.

The special attention is deserved:

- museum of history of village Chabanivka, which operates from March, 24 in 1990, created due to the local agricultural enterprise named by Chapaev (nowadays LTD. "Earth"), Vasiliy Yohimovich Romarnyoc is the director of museum

- folk museum of village Demshin, which is created at the help of public of village under the direction of Pavlenca Grigoriya Ivan in 1997, which during nineteen years made 43 stands, designed the room of battle glory, mention room. To the museum over 720 different exhibits of folk handicraft, creation is collected. Grigoriy Ivan is the leader of photo studio, created 60 graduate films and 80 ungraduate.

In establishments of culture 12 museums of battle glory are designed, at school of district operates two museums, 11 halls, 46 corners of battle glory.

The habitants of district sincerely honor memory of lost in the years of World War of warriors of fellow-villagers and warriors-liberators. Over 9 thousand our countrymen perished at the front of war, in guerrillas and underground, a 3,5 thousand of peaceful people and prisoners of war is the victims of the fascist raging, 7195 youths and girls were taken out in slavery to Germany.

All over 200 monuments and obelisks are counted in settlements. One of them e memorial complex in a mud flow Dovgoc, where 119 warriors-fellow-villagers of village and 194 warriors-liberators are buried.

In Institutes Kam'yanets-Podilsky of higher works 42 scientists, natives of our district. Among them there are the doctors of agricultural sciences Tsvigoun A.T. (s. Coulchiivtsi), Ovcharouc In. And (s. Shoustivtsi), Stepancov B.C. (s. Suburb Rihtivsca), Stroumansciy V.P. (s. Chabanivca).

In a district operates 99 religious communities, in The Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchy) - 62, the Ukrainian orthodox church of Kiev patriarchy - 2, the Ukrainian orthodox avtocefalian church - 4, the Rom-catholic church - 8 The Ukrainian greco-catolic church - 2, Churches of the Evangelic Christian Baptists - 19, Churches of Christian of faith of evangelo-p'yatidesyatny - 2.

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