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Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine

Official site of Kamyanets'-Podil's'kyi
Kamjanets-Podil's'kyj municipal "Information-tourist centre"
Official tourist site of Kamyanets'-Podil's'kyi
Entertainment site of Kamyanets'-Podil's'kyi
Kamenets-Podolskiy. Tourist site
Our town - unofficial site of Kamyanets'-Podil's'kyi
Ukrainian Travel Informational System
Digital maps for your purposes

Red Book Of Ukraine on Wiki

Red Book Of Ukraine
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Cossacks, the XV-XX cent.
Khmelnytsky region state administration
Khmelnyts'ky Rayon State Administration
Kharkiv Public Organization "Ecopravo-Kharkov"
Apostroff - ballooning site
Ukrainian Nature Reserves
Ukrainian Nature Reserves
Kamyanets'-Podil's'kyi Informational Portal
Journal EXO
  Universal Hierarchical Database"Myslene Drevo"
"OOPT of Russia"
Center of Wild Nature Conservancy
Site of the permanent ecological-tourist journalistic expedition "Dnister" from Khmelnytskyj city
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