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The Yard of the Zhuravs'kyi Forests Estate Managers | Foto
Vyshnivchyk Village (the ХІХ-ХХ сenturies)

They are located in the center of the Vyshnivchyk Village, Chemerovets'kyi Rayon, Khmelnyts'ka Oblast. According to the words of the oldest residents of the village, Yavdokiya Tsvygun and Vasyl' Varuk, the Zhuravs'kyi's yard was located on the territory of the sugar-refinery. Now, the office of the sugar-refinery is located in the house of the estate manager, Zhuravs'kyi, in the Village of Zhuravs'kyi. Today the building is in perfect condition, due to the restoration that has been completed. The yard is surrounded by a park. The yard is protected by a stone fence. According to the above mentioned people, there also was a greenhouse, which was destroyed.

Source: Interview with Vasyl' Ignatovytch Vakaruk and S.S. Bondarchuk, August 29, 1999.

Vyshnivchyk.Village is situated in the forest, near a small river, which runs into the Smotrych River - 20 versts to the southwest of the Gorodok postal station . Here, the climate is pleasant and the soil is chernozem (black loam). The village was mentioned in documents from the ХV century. In the ХVІ and ХVІІ centuries, it belonged to the Skal's'kyi lands; in the ХVІІІ century, Vyshnivchyk formed a different region . The Empress Catherine the Great presented this area to the colonel Adrian Grybovs'kyi. From him, Vysnivchyk passed into the hands of Ratsyborovs'kyi and from the last one, to Zhuravs'kyi. The Orthodox population is 1070 men and 984 women, with the number Catholics being 12. The citizens were Ukrainian-peasants; in addition to farming they earned money in the sugar-refinery, which was built there in 1843. The church in Vyshnivchyk existed from the ХVІ century. In the ХVІІІ century, as today, the building was wooden and not very big. About 1979, a new one-dome church was built, which can be seen today, by the means of the Vyshnivets'kyi headman, Andriy Vardyns'kyi, and his parishioners. According to the retellings, the church was built from the oaks growing on the very spot. In 1795, the church was joined from the union to the Orthodox. In 1873-1874, the church was quickly restored and a new bell-tower was built due to the large donations of the local landowner, Eugene Zhurovs'kyi. Church lands: estates were 1 desiatyna (this is an old form of measurement) with 1795 peasants, along with plough-lands that were: 35 des. 106 p. The parish buildings were built in 1868 and 1886. The public college, М,Н,П, was founded in 1882. The school for girls is located in the hired house since 1898 (pp. 474-475).

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Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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