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The PODIL'S'KI Tovtry National Nature Park was established according to the Presidential Decree No.476\96 on 06/27/96 with the purpose of concervation, restoration and the rational use of natural landscapes of Podillya and its unique historical-cultural complexes. These landscapes and comlpexes have esthetic, scientific, recreational, medicinal and environmental protection value.

The PODIL'S'KI Tovtry NNP is a natural protectional, recreational, cultural-educational and scientific organization of state value.

According to the Law of Ukraine from the 21.09.2000 No.1989-III, the PODIL'S'KI Tovtry National Nature Park belongs to the Podilskyi Region of NATIONAL ECOLOGICAL WORKNET OF UKRAINE.

The microclimate of the territory of Prydnistrovya is formed by the Tovtry Ridge and canyons of the Dnister River and its inflows. That is why there were formed special conditions for preserving rare and relict plants, the majority of which are medical. According to the data of the scientific and control institutions, the territory of South-Western Podillya, in the centre of which Kamyanets-Podilskyi is located, did not get into zones of allaround infection with radionuclides in consequence of the Chornobyl catastrophe.

The territory of the Park is rich in mineral waters, such as "Naftusia", "Myrgorodska", "Minska" and others. The debit of such streams is approximately 60 cube meter per day.

The presence on the territory of the PODIL'S'KI Tovtry National Nature Park of unique man-made objects, and unique natural complexes made the special conditions for the development of tourism not only for the health improvement, but also a cognitive one. There are 144 objects of nature resrve fund on the territory of the Park which are under presrvation. There are parks and manors of different level of concervation and cultural-historical value among them. There are 2977 kinds of plants from different climatic zones, including 521 kinds of trees and bushes, 395 kinds of fruit plants, 620 kinds of tropic plants, 111 kinds of health-giving herbaceous plants of local and wild flora, 19 archeological sights, more than 302 historical-architectural sights (there are more than 200 objects in Kamyanets-Podilskyi, more than 63 objects - in Kamyanets-Podilskyi Rayon, more than 27 objects - in Chemerovetskyi Rayon and more than 12 objects - in Satanivskyi Rayon).

Such functional zones can be singled out on the territory of the National Nature Park: reserved zone; zone of the controlled recreation; zone of stationary recreation; economical zone. There are 21 stationary recreational establishments (sanatoriums, dispensaries, tourist centres, rest homes, etc), approximately 160 industrial enterprises, collective and individual farms, which cause damage to nature. That is why the main task of the NNP is the concervation of natural diversification, founding of controlled zones for rest and health improving.

The ecologically clean products have been produced on the territory of the NNP.

Today, the preparatory work on the organisation of the free economic zone on the territory of the PODIL'S'KI Tovtry NNP is done. It will help in further development of the National Park.

The wealth and variety of natural resources and recreation possibilities of the Park may be the base for the creation of the developed network of international tourism, hunting and fishing.

The address of administration of the PODIL'S'KI Tovtry NNP:
Ukraine, 32301, Khmelnytska Oblast,
Kamyanets-Podilskyi, 6 Polskyi Rynok Maydan

Tel./fax: +38 (03849) 51771, 51270, 24247

Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
mail to: [email protected]