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Translated by students of Kyiv avia institute

The Ivahnivtsi village is located along rivers Zhvanchik, near slope of high mountains - tovtr. One of them is the Vysoki Kamyani and height is 352 meters above a sea level, and is one of the greatest on a tovtroviy ridge. In documents is remembered as Ivahnivtsi since XV century. It belonged to Svirchn in XV - XVIcenturies. In subsequent centuries owners were Calynovsky, Pototsky, Strgeminsky, Chervinsky. Befor revolution there was a large distilling factory, which produced 28 thousand buckets of alcohol for a year. In 1718 Uspensca wooden church was built.

Див. Сіцінський Ю.А. Археологічна карта Подільської губернії

Див. Сіцінський Є. Історичні відомості про приходи і церкви Подільської єпархії. Кам'янецький повіт.

До села Івахнівці приєднано або включено в його смугу с. Кацабіївка.

Джерело: Українська РСР. Адміністративно-територіальний поділ. Том 2.
- Видавництво політичної літератури України. - К.: 1969. - 632 С. - с.484-488.

Ivahnivtsi is a village, center of village Rada, is located along a river Gvanchic, 12 km from district center and 7 km from the railway station Zakupne. Population is 1217persons.A village has nine-year school, library, first-aid post, shops. A village Ivahnivtsi is known from history documents since 1565. Near a village there are the burial mounds created in bronze period, scythian times (VII-IV centuries B.C.).

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Король П..В., НПП "Подільські Товтри"

Ivahnivtsi village

After an admin. division 16 cent. The Kamyanetskiydistrict of a 16 cent.
After an admin. division 19 cent. The Kamyanetskiy district of a 19 cent.
After an admin. division 20 cent. The Kamyanetskiy district
Comment : a priest is remembered in 1565 [СКУ, с. 420].

Church of Uspinnya
Temple was founded in 1718
Comment: Church of Uspinnya was built in 1718. In 1739 there was fraternity. In 1831 there was the very decrepit, growing in earth. In 1833 it was lifted on stone foundation. In 1860 it was fixed by oak beams, new windows, was planked with boards fro internal site, covered by iron. In 1883 a new iconostasis is done. A new bell tower is built separately from a church in 1831.