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9.The Late Paleolithic Center No.1

The Late Paleolith is the next after mustie, stage of the development of culture, economy and social human society. In this period the assortment of the stone instruments increases, different armor made of horn, flint, and bone appears, the house-building improves. It is the age of the developing of Art.

The Center was found in 1928, by M.Y.Rudyns'kyi. In 1977 and 1981, the second examination of the Center was carried out by the K-PMZ expedition. The materials are in the Funds of K-PMZ.

The Late Paleolithic Center is located on the right high bank of the Studenytsia River (Studenytsia-Dnister), to the East from the Village, in Kut tract. The patina flint implements, flinders, and half-finished products were collected on the surface. Single fragments of the ceramics of the Trypillia Culture were found among the Paleolithic goods.

Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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