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17. The Old Russian Settlement

The Old Russian Settlement was left in the ղ century by the Slavic population. It was a part Galyts'ko-Volyns'ke Principality. It played the role of a defence point of the southern lands of Galyts'ko-Volyns'ke Principality from the attacks of steppe tribes and feudal lords. The reason of desolation of the Settlement is not clear.

The Settlement was found and prospectively inspected by the researcher of Podillia, Y.Sitsinskiy. The Settlement is located on the eminence, 13.5 m high. The territory of the Settlement is oval-shaped. The territory of the Settlement is 50 m long and 35 m wide. The Settlement is surrounded by a swell and ditch. The swell is 0.5 m high, the ditch is 0.7 m deep. The cultural layer of the Settlement reaches 20 - 50 cm. The fragments of ceramics and bones of animals were found during the prospecting works.

According to the Order of the Executive Committee of Khmel'nyts'ka Oblast' Council from 5.05.1974, No.143, a border of the reserved area was established in radius of 50 m there. It is the territory, surrounded by a swell and ditch.

Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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