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Development of the Tourism

The unique people made objects as well as original nature complexes have made nice conditions for development of not only health improving tourism but also cognitive one on the territory of the Podil's'ki Tovtry National Nature Park.
The main factors, which promote the development of the tourism are favourable nature and climate conditions, that are created by the Podil's'ki Tovtry - the unique nature creations in the south west of the forest and steep zones. This is the highest region on the whole Podil's'ke plateau. It's relief is not flat, very wavy, eroded with number of gullies. There are no wide plateaus there. The slopes along the river are steep and cut by the ravines. Such a great partition of the territory promotes the development of the sport tourism and active rest (at first, it is hang-gliding, gliding, summer and winter fishing, underwater hunting, sail kinds of sport). Rich flora and animal world, karst caves and mineral water springs with wide spectrum of medicinal qualities. It seems that all best, most distinct and various nature phenomena are gathered on such small territory. This attracts tourists not only of our country but can even satisfy tastes of the most scrupulous tourists from abroad, as there are all conditions for foot, water, automobile, horse, bicycle, ski and other kinds of routes, as on land, and on water areas.
Small tourist shelters with complex service for tourists are built on the banks of the overnight stop (in the zone of the Bakota Bay first of all) (food, communication, hire of camping outfit, doss-houses, entertainments etc). There are some services for those who travel along the reservoir on swimming means (kayaks, canoes, catamaran, yachts and especially floating dachas).
There is a possibility to travel along the Dnister reservoir on the comfortable landing-stage with stops in the picturesque places.
Numerous territories, occupied by archaeological, architectural and historical and cultural monuments of Kyivs'ka Rus' times and the period of the National and liberation fight have been left in the original and unchanged condition in the region. There is a contemporary transport communication in the region: the central trunk-railway, developed network of the automobile roads, possibility to receive modern jet planes in Khmel'nyts'kyi airport and perspectives of its enlargement for receiving of the air liners of any class.

Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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