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Honcharna Tower, 1583. Preservation #727/6 | Foto
Valy St.

The Honcharna Tower is the main defensive point in the chain of the eastern fortifications of the city. It is situated on a steep slope, changing into the rocks of Canyon on 22 m height from the riverside of the Smotrych River. It got its name from the handicraft guild of the potters, who had to take care for its state in war time. In 1669, it was repaired. After destructions, in 1672, it was restored, but with altering of the upper part of the walls and without the roof. In the 40's of the XVIII century, it was called Riznyts'ka one.
The Tower is stone, round in its plan, with diameter of 13 m. The outward surface of the walls have a slight steep and end in a rather sharp slope in the upper tiers. The thickness of the walls in the third tier is 2.5 m. The entrance to the Tower from the city side is located at the height of the third tier. The loopholes of all the tiers are with sides, broadening in both directions. All of the tiers, except the upper one, were covered with stone tier plates of the three-centered outline. The coverings on beams are with leaning in the sockets of the walls (did not remain). The niches of the fire-places are located in every tier in the south-western wall. The flue channels of the fire-places in the upper part of the wall went out by three openings in a pipe (did not remain). The window opening with white-stone platbands is located over the entrance. There is a memorial plate with the coat of arms and date "1583" over the window opening.
In 1963, the roof was restored in Honcharna Tower.
The monument is one of the most interesting buildings of the defensive architecture of the XVI century.

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Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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