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Riznyts'ka Tower (Ruins), end of the XVI - beginning of the XVII century. Preservation #727/5 | Foto
Valy St.

It is situated on the edge of the rocky precipice of the right bank of the Smotrych River. It is a part of the system of the Eastern city fortifications. It is not large, stone, and rectangular in plan (6.8x6.3 m). It was three-tiered from the side of the precipice, and two-tiered from the side of the city. It was called after the name of the handicraft guild, that guarded it in peace and war time (in the middle of the XVIII century, it was called Kushnirs'ka Tower, in the 50's of the XX century, it was called Kravets'ka Tower). At the end of the XVII century, the coverings and the roof of the Tower were ruined. By the end of the XVIII century, the upper tier of the Tower began to collapse, and by the end of the XIX century, only the first tier remained from the Tower. It was filled up soon. Now, its ruins with three loopholes and doorway can be seen from the side of canyon.
In 1963, the preservation and restoration works were conducted in the Tower.

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Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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