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Paps'ka Tower, the beginning of the XV - the middle of the XVI century. Preservation #730/13 | Foto
Zamkova St.

The Paps'ka Tower forms the southern, external, corner of the main yard of the Old Castle. Its building was finished at the beginning of the XVI century. In the 40's of the XVI century, I.Pretfes strengthened with stone laying its rocky base, new coverings and embrasures were made in the interior, and the gate was made in the first tier for good rolling-off of the cannons. In 1672, the upper tier the Tower was damaged. In 1818-1823, Ustym Karmaliuk, the leader of the popular uprising in Podillia, was prisoned in the Tower (the memorial plate). Since than, it was named the Karmeliukova Tower (it is the second name of the Tower). Four lower tiers are square in plan with the side of 10 m. Then, it has been changed into the octagon and cylinder one. It is 28 m high in the South. The thickness of the walls till the fifth tier is 2 m, of the upper tier is 1.2 m. From the South, till the level of the second tier, the Tower is surounded by the scarp walls. The coverings are flat on beams. There is a torispherical arch with strikings in the second tier (it is the first now). The loopholes are in the form of the key. The doorways and the window openings are with the white-stone external quarters of the simple drawing. There are a white-stone cornice of the Gothic profile in the lower level on the floor elevations.The fragments of the stucco with a decorative rustication on the corners and a geometrical drawing round the memorial plate remained on the elevations of the building.
The coverings over the third tier, the scarp walls, loopholes and white-stone details of the second tier were restored in the Tower.
The transition period from the Gothic to the Renaissance is presented in the building of the Tower. The monument belongs to the type of the flanking buildings. It is square in plan.

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Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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