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Lias'ka Tower, the second half of the XV - the beginning of the XVI centuries, 1544. Preservation #730/10 | Foto
Zamkova St.

It is situated on the western part of the south-western defensive wall of the main yard of the Old Castle. In 1544, it was restored and rebuilt by I.Pretfes a lot.
The cylindrical, four-tiered tower, was placed on the defensive wall of the Castle and on the overfall of two terraces with the difference of 10.5 m. The diameter of the Tower is 11.5 m, the wall thickness in the level of the first tier is 3 m. The height of the walls is 22.5 m from the floor side. The walls are scarp from the bottom. The whole building of the Tower is divided by the white-stone profiled belt from the floor side. The coverings in the first tier are hemispherical stone vault; the rest did not remain. The portal of the first tier is of the Early Renaissance period, with the Gothic elements; both portals of the second tier (1544) are made in simple forms. The stairs to the basement are made of stone, to the second and third tiers the stairs are intraparietal. The fronts of the Tower are plastered. The plate with the heraldic signs remained from the floor side, over the white-stone belt.
In 1974, the scarp wall of the lower part of the Tower was restored.
Only one, upper, battle tier is the characteristic feature of the monument.

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Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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