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Vodna Tower (Water Tower), the XV-XVI centuries. Preservation #730/6 | Foto
Zamkova St.

It is situated to the North from the main yard of the Old Castle. It is situated at the cliff on the right bank of the Smotrych River. In 1672, it was damaged. In 1771, the western elevation of the passage to the Tower was strenghtened with the scarp wall that partly covered the south-western side of the Tower.
The Tower is located above the well, on 15 m distance from the northern defensive wall of the lower terrace.
The Tower is octagonal in plan. Its diameter is 10 m. The stone walls thickness on the level of the upper tier is 1.5 m. All the coverings are flat on beams. The loopholes are covered with three-centered tie plates. The external escarps and tie plates of the first tier are made of white stone. There are two passages to the Castle from the Vodna Tower: the lower one leads to the undeground passage and the upper one - to the external passage. Water was supplied to the Castle by means of them. Besides, the Tower functionated as a flanking and defensive and patrol one.

Памятники градостроительства и архитектуры Украинской ССР; (Ил. справ.-каталог): В 4-х т./ Гл. редкол.: Н.Л. Жариков (гл. ред.) и др. - К.: Будівельник, 1983-1986

Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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