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Komendants'ka Tower, the beginning of the XV century. Preservation #730/4 | Foto
Zamkova St.

It is situated in the northern part of the main yard of the Old Castle between the Lianskorons'ka and Rozhanka Towers. It is located on the defensive wall on the hight of 9 m. In the XVI century, it was restored. At the end of the XVII century, its upper tier was destroyed. In the second half of the XIX century, as a result of raising of the height of the walls of the near standing building, the lower part of the Tower was closed.
The Tower is stone and two-tiered. The external diameter is З m, the wall thickness is 0.65 m. It was placed on the defensive wall, 2.2 m thick. Its pendent parts are supported by three whitestone brackets. The first tier of the Tower was intended for the passage. The loopholes with the fenestrations in the form of the upturned keyhole were located in the northern and southern walls. There are small window openings in three walls of the second tier. The white-stone details, level cornice and corbels, are of typical Late Gothic style. The roof is low and hipped. The monument is a typical example of the Medieval defensive construction.

Памятники градостроительства и архитектуры Украинской ССР; (Ил. справ.-каталог): В 4-х т./ Гл. редкол.: Н.Л. Жариков (гл. ред.) и др. - К.: Будівельник, 1983-1986

Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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