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New Eastern Tower (Black, Chorna), 1544. Preservation #730/2 | Foto
Zamkova St.

It forms the external angle of the Old Castle, going beyond the intersection of its eastern and northern walls for 11.5 m. It was built over the ancient well. The works were carried out by military engineer and architect, I.Pretfes. In 1672, it was damaged and the same year it was repaired with alteration of the upper tier. In the second half of the XVIII century, because of lack of water in the well, it was deserted. In 1798, the wheels on the chassis for the water lifting were placed on two lower tiers. At the beginning of the XIX century, all the loopholes and low shringle roof were made in the Tower.
The Tower is pentagonal in its plan with dimensions of the sides: 10.5-13.8 m. It is turned to the yard by its shorter side. The stone walls are with a slight positive inclination. Their height from the side of the road is 11 m, from the side of the yard - 5 m. The entrance to the first tier is on the wide external stone stairs that are located along the eastern wall of the castle, to the second tier - from the level of the yard of the castle. The thickness of the floor walls of the tower is 3-3.2 m, of the yard wall - 1 m. The loopholes of the first and second tiers are with widened sides. There are high window openings in the third tier, on the north-eastern and eastern walls. They are covered with bow-shaped tie plates. The coverings are flat on beams. The wheel in chassis, 4.5 m in diameter, remained in the second tier. Water lifting was made by means of it. On two elevations of the Tower, facing the road, the stone shots were placed into the laying on the height of 6 and 7 m. The memorial white stone plate with a date "1544" and the name of the builder of the Tower "Iov Pretfes" remained on the eastern elevation, between the second and third tiers. The well of the Tower is 40.7 m deep. It is made in the continental rock.
In 1974, the coverings, loopholes, stone stairs, white stone portal, and infill were restored in the Tower.
The monument is an example of the transition period from the Medieval to new type of fortification.

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Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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