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Pokrovs'ka Church (Church of the Protection of the Virgin), 1845-1861. Preservation # 1669 | Foto
Franko St.

The building of the church was carried out under the direction of architects A.Ostrovs'kyi and N.Kulakovs'kyi. It is stone, without columns, with rectangular altar part. The bell tower is attached from the west, it is plastered, and built after the typical project in the Electric style. The central part is covered with a copula. The decorative glavks are placed on the corners. The main entrance is from the western side through the porch and bell tower covered with a hipped roof. There are porches on the columns at the northern and western elevations, they are covered with a false hip roof with a pediment. The elevations are decorated with the striped dummy joints in stucco and the paneled bays. The windows with semicircular frames are decorated with the head moldings. The principal cornice and the cornices in the pediments of the porches are with modulions. The roofing is iron. The fragment of the fresco of the beginning of the XX century (circa 1900-1910) was opened in the interior.
The monument is an example of the religious building in the Electric style, built after the typical project .

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Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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