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Georgiyivs'ka Church, 1851-1861, and Bell Tower, 1868. Preservation # 1668/1 | Foto
54 Suvorova St.

The building of the church was carried out under the direction of architect I.Aksel'rod. It was built in accordance with model projects, recommended for joint use. It looked like stylized imitation of the Old Russian architecture. It is stone, square in plan, with four columns and one semicircular apse and three vestibules (the northern one, southern and western). The four columns hold up a high light octagonal barrel with a copula by means of arches. Cornner articulations of the cubic part of the building are crowned outside with octagonal hipped roofs that form typical five-domed silhouette of the building. The elevatiuons of the church are arranged in pseudorussian style (with use of gable details, kokoshniks, semi-columns with perspective arches on profiled transom-bars. High hipped roofs are decorated with liukarns.
The bell tower, that is over the gate, is located westwards of the church. Its place in the ensemble and the composition is dictated by the traditions of the Ukrainian architecture. The design of the elevations is in accordance with the architectural decor of the church. The monument is typical for Russian-Byzantine stream in the architecture of the XIX century.

Справочник - каталог "Памятники градостроительства и архитектуры Украинской ССР". редакторы Л.В.Лотоцкая, Э.А.Полторацкая, Г.Л.Пономарева Издательство "Будівельник", г.Киев, 1986 год, 4 том.

Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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