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Chrestovozdvyzhens'ka Church (wooden), 1799-1801. Preservation #752 | Foto | Scheme 1 | Scheme 2
24 Karvasary St.

It is located in the suburbs of the city (Karvasary) on the narrow riverside of the Smotrych River, near the walls of the Old Castle. It is built in the place of the church, existed in the XVII century. The bell-tower was built in 1863.
It is wooden. The foundation is made of limestone. It is three-felled, single-head with a porch and sacristy from the northern side and with a bell-tower, built on to the western side. These three fellings of the church and the fourth one - of the bell tower - are square in plan. It has two entrances - in the northern wall of the bell-tower and from the northern side of the central felling. It is a typical building for Podillia with a wide and high three-tiered central felling, turning into an octahedron with a hipped roof by means of canvas. The coverings of the altar part and babynets' are flat. The opasaniye is located on the outputs of the joist floor. The internal space of the nave is high-rise opened, united with babynets' by a rectangular arch. The fellings over the opasaniye are placed vertically. There is a porch on four figured poles with a penthouse at the northern elevation of the central felling.
The monument is a bright work of Podillian school of national wooden architecture.

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Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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