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Frantsyskans'kyi Roman Catholic Church, beginning of the XVII- XVIII centuries. Preservation #744 | Foto
8 Frantsyskans'ka St.

It made up the ensemble of the buildings of Frantsyskans'kyi Monastery, that was founded in the XIV century.
Frantsyskans'kyi Roman Catholic Church, 1617-1672. Originally, it was built in the Gothic style as one-naved with three-edged altar part, forming the eastern elevation of the building, and with two chapels on side elevations. The thrust cross ogives extinguished by 8 counterforts. During 1692-1717, the nave was lengthened by building on almost the equal building to the western elevation, maybe, with a tower over the vestibule. In 1753-1781, a three-tiered chapel in the Baroque style was built on to the apse, as a result of this the original orientation of the altar was changed. The chapel formed the main font of the Roman Catholic Church with the main entrance, аnd in interior - the narthex with empora. In 1835, the interior of the building, finishing of the nave and chapel was altered according to the project of architect S.Uchta. Today, the chapel is two-tiered.
In 1959-1964, it was restored. The monument combines typical for the architecture of Podillia of the XVII century, the Gothic and Renaissance traits with Baroque principles of treatment of the elevations, dictated by the town planning tasks.

Памятники градостроительства и архитектуры Украинской ССР; (Ил. справ.-каталог): В 4-х т./ Гл. редкол.: Н.Л. Жариков (гл. ред.) и др. - К.: Будівельник, 1983-1986


Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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