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Myhaylivs'kyi Roman Catholic Church of Dominican Monastery with Cells, 1750. Preservation #1642/1-2 | Foto | Scheme 1 | Scheme 2 | Scheme 3
10 Frantsyskans'ka St.

The Roman-Catholic Church and cells were built in the place of the Roman Catholic church (1713-1721) and cells (1710-1712), that burnt down at the beginning of the 1750's. The repair work was carried out there in 1825, 1856, at the end of the XIX century, a shingle roofing was replaced with an iron one. In 1906, the Roman-Catholic church was altered into a church, the sculpture was taken away from the pediment of the principal fron.
The Church is stone, plastered, made in Baroque taste, one-naved, with rectangular presbiterium in the west. It is joined with cells by vestries. Today, it is divided into two tieres by ferroconcrete blocks. The coverings are vaulted, the roof is pointed, the roofing is iron. The principal, eastern, fron is decorated with twin pilasters of composit order, it is finished with a pediment with two symmetrical volutes. Side elevations are partitioned by pilasters, on the southern elevation there are windows with semicircular tie plates.
The monument defines a monastery complex of the XVIII century in Baroque taste.

Справочник - каталог "Памятники градостроительства и архитектуры Украинской ССР". редакторы Л.В.Лотоцкая, Э.А.Полторацкая, Г.Л.Пономарева Издательство "Будівельник", г.Киев, 1986 год, 4 том.

Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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