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Turkish Minaret, 1670. Preservation Number #1639 | Foto
20 Tatars'ka St.

It was built by the Turks over the chapel in the XVI century, after conquest the town in 1672, and adaptation Petropavlivs'kyi (Peter and Paul's) Cathedral for the mosque in front of its western front.
The walls of the chapel, square in plan, are made of wild stone and plastered from the outside. The chapel was used as a foundation for the minaret, its initial space was rubbled аnd stone slabs were placed above. On the northern and western fronts of the chapel stone frieze from triglyphs and metopes has remained (in the form of alternating rosettes and rusts) with the tracks of red painting and stone cornice of the XVII century. The chapel had round window opennings with slopes and tie plates, made of keyed brick.
The walls of the minaret with round in plan with slit-like fenestrations and crowning balcony are made of well cultivated blocs of coquina stone. At a hight of 25 m the minaret is fixed by the metal rod to the western wall of the cathedral. There are stone spiral stairs (136 staps), leading to the balcony, inside the minaret. The post of the minaret with a cloistered vault type brick covering is finished with a stone cup with a fretwork, on which a sculpture 3 m high, is placed on the base by hinging. Complete sculpture made of bell copper was placed on the minaret in 1756 in commemoration of banishment of the Turks. It was fixed thoroughly in 1784. In 1820, as a result of stroke of lightning in the base, the statue bent to the east, аnd the fire damaged the minaret inside. The works of the fortification of the statue and repairs of the stairs of the minaret were carried out under the direction of the architect S. Uchta and were finished in 1823.
The damage control was carried out on the monument in the 1960's.
The minaret is the only monument of the Turkish architecture, that has remained in the town, it is a typical example of the Moslem architecture. The chapel in the base of the minaret contains the elements of the Renaissance decor. The metal sculpture is made in the Baroque taste.

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Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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