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Building of the First Russian Gymnasia, 1837-1841. Preservation Number #1636 | Foto
14 Tatars'ka St.

It was built in place of the demolished Jesuit Roman Catholic Church. In 1851, the assembly hall between the first and the second floor was divided into two parts, and two halls were formed there. In 1872-1873, in the hall on the second floor there was a house Threesaint church. For the building of the dome above the building of the church the attic with two stone brackets and with an iron Russian coat of arms was taken off, the main front was completed with it. In 1876 the stone front staircase was made. In 1914, the building was damaged during bombing of the city by Austrian troops. It was stone, right-angled in its plan, three-storeyed, with basements, plastered. The floors are flat, in the corridors, staiwells, basements they are vaulted. The roof is pyramidal, the covering is slate. The planning is corridor with double-sided arrengement of the lodgements. The windows are with liners, on the ground and on the second floors they are right-angled, on the first floor they are higher with semicircular straight arch. Under every window of the first floor there are 4 drowned balusters. The level rods are in the form of cornice. The crowning cornice is made of circle bricks. In front of the entrance on the eastern front there is a porch with stairs and four metal poles, on which the balcony with patterned bars leans on. On the eastern front there is a memorial plate: "In this house there was a gymnasia, where from 1897 to 1906 the statesman V.P.Zatons'kyi had been studying".
In the building there is a historical department of the Kamyanets'-Podil's'kyi State Teachers' Training University. The monument is the typical example of locating the educational institution in one building of the first half of the XIX century.

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Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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