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House of Potots'kyi, 1755. Preservation Number #747 | Foto
1 Dominikans'ka St.

It is located in the north-western part of the manor of the monastery of the Dominicans, it sides with the northern side of the bell tower and the north-western angle of the Myckolayivs'kyi Roman Catholic Church. The building of the house started in the period of the most substantial repairs of the monastery, which was carried out under the leadership of the engineer and architect Ya de Vitte.
The building was stone, two-storeyed, L-shaped in its plan, covered with an iron roof. The coverings of the basement and of the first floor are vaulted, the coverings of the second floor are joist, flat. The planning of both storeys is identical. There are 3 lodgement on each storey. In the eastern part of the building there is a small hallway, in which there are stairs between the storeys. The hallway is connected with a south-western corner lodgement, the last one is sides with the southern room, which is located at the northern wall of the bell tower of the Roman Catholic Church. The fronts of the building are plastered, they have no ornament. The northern front is divided in every storey by 3 window openings, on the western front on the ground floor - 1, on the first floor - 3 windows. The building is crowned by the profiled cornice.
The monument is an example of the civil architecture of the XVIII century.

Памятники градостроительства и архитектуры Украинской ССР; (Ил. справ.-каталог): В 4-х т./ Гл. редкол.: Н.Л. Жариков (гл. ред.) и др. - К.: Будівельник, 1983-1986

Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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