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Paraskevs'ka Church, 1887 | Foto
Pudlivtsi Village

It is not large, built by the means of the treasury in 1869. Originally, it was covered with shingles, and in 1882, it was recovered with tin. The iconoscope is one-tiered. In the Church there were two icons, in the canvas, portraing St.Ioann Predtecha, аnd also Jesus Christ in a coffin; the icons were sent as a present for the Аcademy of Arts as for the poorest. Besides, the Church had one set of the divine service vessels, donated by the Empress Mariya Olexandrivna in 1865. The sacerdotal buildings are stone (from 1885).

Труды Епархиального историко-статистического комитета / выпуск девятый под редакцией священника Евфимия Сецинского Приходы и церкви Подольской Епархии. - Кам-Под, 1901. -с. 402

Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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