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Castle, middle of the XV-XVI �enturies, 1770. Preservation Number # 1689/1 | Foto
Panivtsi Village

It is situated in the middle part of the high cape, washed by the Smotrich River from three sides. Ancient fortifications were formed in the Castle in the middle of the XV century. In the second half of the XVI century, the Castle was surrounded by the deep ditches, a two-storied palace was built on to the defensive wall between the northern towers, the south-western tower was altered into a chapel, a two-storied building of the collegium was built on between two towers. In the first floor of the palace the printing-office was arranged. In 1651-1652, the Castle was destroyed, and in 1769-1770, it was partly reconstructed. At the end of the XVII- first half of the XIX centuries, the constructions of the Castle were turned into economic buildings. In 1907, the Roman Catholic Church was built on to the northern elevation of the tower of the chapel.
In spite of significant losses and distortion of the original form, the Castle complex still remains the dominant of the peninsular part of the village but the Castle reflects the evolution of the regular bracket Castle into the tower one.
Today, the north-western and south-western angle towers and two defensive walls, the northern and southern one, with the overgate tower have remained from the Castle. The north-western tower looks like an irregular tetragon, 13.8 m wide, in plan. The length of its bigger side is18.8 m, the smaller - 17.3 m. The walls are made of stone, their thickness in the level of the second tier is 1.45 m. The eastern wall of the tower includes an angle part of the western wall of the ancient fortification 5 m long. The loopholes of the second tier are covered with stone tie bars of three-centered outline, the fenestration is rectangular 30-40 wide, 60 sm high. On the south-western tower the Renaissance whitestone frieze and eaves have remained.
The northern defensive wall, 54 m long, has remained on the height of ancient 1.5 tiers. The southern defensive wall with a total length of 61 m, along with an overgate tower has remained on the 25 m long lot. A two-tiered Overgate tower stands along the axis of the southern defensive wall of the castle aflash with its floor side. In plan it looks like a square with a side of 9.9 m. The stone walls thickness is 1.2 m.
The arch passage 3.6 m long is layed in the northern and southern elevations. The space of the first tier is covered with a torispherical arch . On the second tier the coverings are flat. There are two window openings in the place of the loopholes.

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Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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