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Roman Catholic Church, the �VI-�VII �enturies. Preservation # 1688 | Foto
Kytaygorod Village

The Roman Catholic Church of the Virgin Mariya, was built in 1772-1776. It is stone, one-naved. The nave, rectangular in plan, is closed with alogated presbiterium with en spase aspe. Adjoining to presbiterium sakristiys were built at the end of the XIX - at the beginning of the XX century. The nave is covered with a semicircular arch. The srairs in the north-western corner of the narthex lead to empora. The windows are with turn infills. The elevation of the building is made in Baroque taste, and decorated with 4 pilasters with pilaster sided entablature. The entrance is accented by the portal.
The sight combines plan and volumatic structure of the Late Renaissance with Baroque principles of treatment of the fronts.

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Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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