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Troyits'kyi Monastery (The Monastery of the Trinity). The Bell Tower and Cells. Preservation #756/2 | Foto
Slobidka Satanivs'ka Village

The cells and bell tower were built in the first part of the XVII century. They are stone rectanguls in layout. The bell tower (the one above the gates) is situated in the centre of the extent of cells. It is square and three-tiered. The first tier is a pass-through, covered with a semicircular vault with strikings. On the eastern elevation of the first tier, the carved white-stone capitals of pilasters of the Renaissance style, which consist of volutes, ionicks and rosette, have remained. There are stairs to the second tier built into the wall of the corridor. The covering of the two upper tiers does not remain. The third tier is completed with a cornice and a segment fracture in Baroque style (the XVIII century). The building of cells was one-storied until the XVIII century when it became two-storied. The layout is a corridor with a one-sided arrangement of cells. The coverings are semicircular and cross-vaulted.

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Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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