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City Gate, 1553. Preservation Number # 753 | Foto
Town of Sataniv

Adam Iyeronim Seniavs'kyi built the gate in 1724, which presently remaines. The city gate is situated in the southern part of the settlement, where the spring runs into the Zbruch River. In the XVI century, the city gate was rebuilt and became a part of the overall system of the defensive buildings of the city and was connected with a castle. It was damaged during frequent attacks on Town of Sataniv in the middle and second half of the XVI century. It was rebuilt in 1724.
Today, the city gate looks like a stone building. It is a square with the walls 2.2 m thick. The width of the passage, covered with a torispherical vault, is 8.8 m. The covering is flat along the beams. The walls have loopholes with dilative sides on each side of the passage way. The remaining remnants of the decor are of Baroque styled white stone.

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Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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