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Pockrovs'ka Church (Church for the Protection of the Virgin), 1810 | Foto
Slobidka-Smotryts'ka Village

The Sviato-Pockrovs'ka Church is a poor, wooden church that was built by the means of the parish and was in Slobidka-Smotryts'ka Village until the �V��� century. A new wooden one-domed Pockrovs'ka Church was built in 1751 and 8 years later, it was consecrated. At the beginning of the ղ� century, it was renamed to the Saint George Church and in 1813, it burnt down. The now working Sviato-Pockrovs'ka Church was built by the means of the parish in 1821; this church is one-domed and stone. In 1844-1845, the old dome was changed into a new one, which began to leak soon. In 1845, a new project of rebuilding of the church was began, but the plan was carried out only in 1881. At the same time, the iconostasis was changed. At first, the bell tower was situated separately from the church, but in 1894, by the means of the peasant, Mykola Tsurs'kyi, a new stone bell tower was attached to the church. Besides, there is a wooden bell tower in the chapel, which was built by the means of the parish in memory of the events of October 17, 1888.

Maryanivka, Nova Guta and Vovkotruby Villages are attached to Slobidka-Smotryts'ka Village. Today, there is a lack of fresh water in Slobidka-Smotryts'ka which only has 5 wells. The population consists of Ukrainian peasants of Orthodox creed (662 m., 598 w.) and a small number of Catholics (15m.,18w.). According to the retellings, some years ago, Oklyn Village was located within one verst of the territory of Slobidka or next to it. This village was ruined by the Tatars and later, in its place, the present village arose. According to the historical sources, this village appeared no earlier than the XV��� century in the middle of the forests of the Smotryts'kyi lands and later, it passed from the king's property to the Potots'kyis and from them, it passed to Zhel's'kyi as a dowry.
Church lands: estates were 2
desiatynas (des.) (this is an old form of measurement) with 1100 peasants (p.), along with plough-lands that were: 35 des., 1780 p., pine-trees and forest: 6 des., totally 44 des. 480 p. The buildings for the parish clergy are new and were built by the means of land taxes. There are three schools in the congregation: a parish school in Slobidka-Smotryts'ka Village that has existed since 1877 and the reading and writing schools in Maryanivka Village that has existed since 1891 and Nova Guta, since 1893 (p.438-439).

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Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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