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Hrestovozdvyzhens'ka Church, 1889 | Foto
Kochubiyiv Village

In 1719, the wooden, two-domed Hrestovozdvyzhens'ka Church was built by the means of the parishioners in Kochubiyiv Village. In 1779, a new stone church was built with the assistance of Mykolay Strel'bits'kyi, the Smotrych's Dean. In 1869, a new, stone, five-domed church was built by the means of the treasury. This church is still working. In the same year, the bell tower was built apart from the church but in 1894, the stone bell tower was attached to the temple. The church lands: estate: 2,5 des., plough-land: 33 des. The buildings for the parish clergy are wooden and were built on the land taxes. The parish school existed since 1868 and is located in the building, which was built in the same year by the means of the native trusteeship (p. 464).

Kochubiyiv Village is situated in the lowland near the Zhvanchyk River and Ruzh Spring, 8 versts to the south from the Liantskorun' Postal Station. The name Kochubiyiv originates from the name of the Tatar Khan, Kachibey or Hachybey, who was the master of Podillia in the �V� century. Kochubiyiv is mentioned in documents from the �V� century. Today, the Orthodox population numbers 977 men and 946 women and Catholics are about 30 families. The population is Ukrainian peasants, whose occupation is agriculture.

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Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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