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Myhaylivs'ka Church, 1906 | Foto
Zavadivka Village

Myhaylivs'ka Church, Zavadivka Village, was built by the means of the parishioners in 1731. The base of it was built by Bazylian Zhygachevs'kyi and was consecrated by the Dean of Gusiatyn, Stefan Lukashevych (1, p.480-481).
In 1795, it was joined to the Orthodoxy. The building is wooden. In 1879, it was covered with thin plaques and a shed was added. Then again, in 1879, it was recovered with iron, the shed was destroyed and a new two-circle iconostasis was build. The bell-tower is situated separately from the church and is made of stone.
In 1801, it had its own corporal, which was cosecrated in 1795 by Ireniy, the Bishop of Tvers'k and Kashyns'k. The church lands: estates were 2 desiatynas (this is an old form of measurement) with 2260 peasants, plough-land were: 33 des.,1341 peasants. The lodgements for the parish were wooden and were built in 1885-1887. From 1890, the parochial school was located in the wooden building that was built by the means of the people in 1894 (p. 479-480).

The Church worked until 1932. After its closing, they wanted to make it into a club-house, but according to the village resident, Davyd Petrovych Voloshyn, it didn't happen. He said that all of the �cons and the rest of the things, which had been in the church, should be enclosed in the altar and the altar nailed up with planks. This was done after the church had been closed for a long time. When the Fascists came to the village, the� made the church into the grainery and stored gain there until 1949. Then, the church began to work again and carried out ceremonies from time to time (after 1949, it did not work again for some time). Currently, it is in perfect condition. During recent years, the former ceiling was made into a dome.

Source: Interview with Yavdokiya Tsvygun, August 25, 1999.

Zavadivka is situated in a valley, formed by the inflow of the Rudka into the Smotrich River, and is surrounded by forests and hills. One part of the village is named "Lucka" and the other part is "Mazurovka", which is located 19 versts to the south of the Gorodok Postal Station. Here, the climate is pleasant and the soil is chernozem (black loam). This village was first mentioned at the beginning of the �V�� century under the name "Vyshnevets'kyi vyssilk". It was founded on the lands of Vyshnivchyk Village and they shared the same fate: it belonged to Zhuravs'kyi. The members of the Orthodox Church, 620 men and 620 women, worked at the Vyshnivchyk sugar-refinery in addition to farming, and also made handy-crafts - weaving, smithing, shoemaking and carpentering. Due to the small allotments, some of the inhabitants are moving to Besarabia.

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Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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