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Yard of the Forest Managers, Zhuravs'kyi and Osyns'kyi, the ղ�-�� century | Foto
Vyshnivchyk Village

They are situated in the center of Vyshnivchyk Village, Chemerovets'kyi Rayon, Khmel'nyts'ka Oblast. According to the words of the oldest residents of the village, Yavdokiya Tsvygun and Vasyl' Varuk, the yard of Zhuravs'kyi was located on the territory of the sugar-refinery. Today, the office of the factory is situated in the house of the forest manager, Zhuravs'kyi, in the Village of Zhuravs'kyi. The yard is surrounded by a park and is protected by a stone fence. According to the above mentioned people, there was also a greenhouse, which was destroyed. The house of the forest manager, Osyns'kyi is situated on the territory of Vyshnivchyk secondary school. It is in perfect condition and is surrounded by a park. According to the words of the oldest residents, who live in Vyshnivchyk, the stable was located at the end of the village. At present, there is a feedlot there, but the exact place of the old stable is still unknown. The dwelling house and the estste employees' economic house are situated in the territory of the Zhuravs'kyi's yard (according to Yavdokiya Tsvygun). Today, they are in good condition.

Source: Interview with Vasyl' Ignatovytch Vakaruk and S.S. Bondarchuk, August 29, 1999.

Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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