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5. The Old Russian Settlement

The Settlement was left by Slavonic settlers and belongs to the period of the Kyivs'ka Russ' (the ղ-ղ�� centuries). The Settlement was found in 1969, during the prospecting works of S.Nizevych and A.Gutsal. The report, graphic documents, and diary are in the scientific archive of the Institute of Archaeology of Academy of Science of Ukraine. The materials connected with the settlement are in Kamyanets'-Podil's'kyi Pedagogical University.

The Settlement is located on the sloping cape and occupies right, southern slope of the ravine. The cape is raised above the bank of the Zhvanchyk River at the height of 20-30 meters, that is why it has its own natural fortification. The remains of ancient fortifications are not traced in the Settlement. The area of the Settlement is 1.2 hectares. There is no denudation of the cultural layer. The lifting material is scattered. There is a modern building over one part of the Settlement, another part is in the field. The dating of the Settlement is defined according to the ceramics found there.

According to the order of the Executive Committee of Khmel'nyts'kyi Oblast' Council from 5.05.1972, No.143, a border of the reserved area was established in radius of 50 metres. The settlement is protected by the housing buildings from the North, by the edge of the beam from the East, and by the collective-farm's field from the North and West.

Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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