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3. Two Layer Slavic Settlement

The two layer settlement in Ivahnivtsi Village was left by tribes of the Cherniahivs'ka Culture (the ��-V centuries) and Old Russian population. The Settlement was found during prospecting works of S. Nizevych in 1970. Finds, diaries, reports, and graphic materials are in funds and in archive of the Institute of Archaeology of Academy of Science of Ukraine.

The area of the Settlement is 2.4 hectare. The Settlement is situated on the level of the first terrace. There are no architectural constructions on its surface. Lifting material is located uniformly, fragments of ceramics are not very large. The faunistic materials, pieces of glass with deep patina were found there. According to the ceramic finds there were defined two layers in the Settlement: the lower one - the Cherniahivs'kyi layer (the II-V centuries) and the upper one - of the Old Russian Period (the �-ղ�� centuries).

According to the order of the Executive Committee of Khmel'nyts'ka Oblast' Council from 5.05.1972, No.143, a border of the reserved area was established in radius of 50 meters from the Settlement.

Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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