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2. The Settlement of the Cherniahivs'ka Culture (the local one)

The settlement was left by tribes of the Chernyahivs'ka Culture (the II -V centuries A.D.).

This settlement was found by Rud´┐Żns'kiy in 1928. In 1969-1970, the settlement was prospectingly investigated by S.Ninevych and A.Gutsal. The diary, graphic materials, reports are in the archive of archaeology of Academy of Science of Ukraine, some finds are in Kamianets'-Podil's'kyi Pedagogical University.

The settlement is situated in the south - western flat slope of natural boundary, Kul'byha. It occupies an area of 5 hectares. The cultural layer is spread on the next cape, which closes the natural boundary. The finds are situated lower (approximately 3 meters) above the thalweg of the nameless stream, which runs along the bottom of Kul'byha (Kul'bynyha). Remains of ancient fauna, the ceramics of the Cherniahivs'ka (the II -V centuries A.D.), Trypil's'ka (the IV- III milleniums B.C.) and Middle Ages cultures were found in the settlement. In 1969-1970, during field works, heap of round stones, with diameter of 5 meters, were found in the settlement. Among them there were also some stones, which were worked up. This settlement has a great value for studying the Cherniahivs'ka Culture of Podnistrovya.

According to the order of the Executive Committee of Khmel'nyts'ka Oblast' Council from 5.05.1972, No.143, a border of the reserved area was established in radius of 50 meters from the settlement.

Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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