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1. Old Russian Ancient Settlement

This Old Russian Ancient Settlement is left by the Slavonic inhabitans.

Ancient settlement belonged to Galyts'ko - Volyns'ke Principality. Till the ղ�� century, the ancient settlement performed the defensive functions. After the Tataro - Mongolian attack, it had lost its strategic value. Ancient settlement was found by a Podilian historian, V.K.Guldman, at the end of the ղ� century. In 1961, prospecting works were made by the Leningrad archaeologist, D.O.Machyns'kyi. Reports, diaries, and materials are at the Institute of Archaeology of Academy of Science of Ukraine.
This ancient settlement is a kind of the cape-shaped fortification. Its area also has a cape form. From the side of the field it is protected by three rows of earthen walls and ditches. The dimensions of the area of the ancient settlement are 110�90 m, the height of the earthen walls is about 3 m, the depth of the ditches is 1.4 m. The cultural layer of the ancient settlement is about 60-80 cm. During the prospecting works many fragments of ceramics and bones of animals were found there.

According to the order of the Executive Committee of Khmel'nyts'ka Oblast' Council from 5.05.1974, No.143, there was established a border of the reserved zone in radius 50 m from the settlement. It is an area beside the field, that is protected by three earthen walls.

Translated by Yana Anufriyeva
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